Why hold a Festival of Nature?

What’s the point in having a Festival of Nature? Nature is just there, right? On our doorsteps, ready for us to visit when we feel like it, never changing.

Well, it isn’t. Nature is under threat as never before. The climate is changing before our eyes…we have seen flooding in London, China, India, Germany and Manchester this year, as well as extreme heat events in Moscow and Oregon, and terrible forest fires. The plants and animals we take for granted are under extreme pressure, thanks to habitat loss, pollution, climate change and overfishing. So….it’s just impossible isn’t it? Let’s just carry on as we are and pretend everything is OK because it is too depressing to do anything else. And why should we do anything? We’ve got to wait for China and the US to change their ways haven’t we?

Well, no. The answer is in our hands and our children are not going to thank us if we don’t stand up and make our voices heard, especially with COP-26 coming up. How do we do that in a way that doesn’t depress us and frighten our children? We have thought long and hard about this and decided to do something positive that makes us all feel better! We have been working with lots of other groups in Wilmslow to put together a programme of activities that we hope will appeal to everyone; walks, talks, bike rides, e-bike rides, a Repair Café, an open day at the Oakenclough Community Market Garden with gardening activities and some wellness taster sessions…and a bumper On Yer Bike pedal powered concert featuring Bez from the Happy Mondays! We hope the festival will give everyone a boost after a difficult couple of years, a sense of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us and how we can look after it better, and hopefully a better understanding of how we can all make a difference to the health of our precious planet. Check out all the amazing activities at and we hope to see you there!

Pippa Tyrell Jones

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